Today's businesses are requiring software developers to include secure and standardized ways for them to communicate and guarantee accurate transactions with their customers and other businesses within their repected industries. BCS is keeping up with those standards and incorporates them within their products.
Corporate web presence on the Intranet should capture the companies spirit and professiosnal image. BCS has this expertise to truly give a corporation the professional image that gets them noticed.
BCS services include corporate Intranet design, development and implementation. Keeping corporate communications within the company alive keeps the employees informed and excited about their company.
As corporations move towards e-Commerce as a way to get their products to the consumer, BCS can quickly design and implement the technology to place them on the leading edge of today's web e-Commerce.
INTERNET - Your Web Presence Provider
Advertising center open to the general public
A company's image will be visible to literally millions of potential visitors
across the web. A web site is more than just throwing together a few
web pages with graphics. Our service incorporates a team of web
architects and graphic artists. We make sure that image is exactly what captures the spirit of your company.

INTRANET - Your Information Infrastructure Architects
Internal information center available to your employees
The corporate information center is where your employees are kept up to date with your company's progress, document management, software upgrades, timelines of departmental project progress, employee timecards, HR information and the list goes on and on. Access is protected by employee passwords to secure sensitive information.
EXTRANET - Your e-Commerce Solution Providers
Your business-to-business or customer-to-buisness commerce center
We offer the solution to streamline that process and interface with your company's current database software. e-Commerce is more than just a shopping cart. The extranet is a secure mechanism for customer billing and
collection, account information, order status, etc.. The power of your
extranet is only limited by your imagination. We widen that imagination
by helping you realize the power at your finger tips in progressing customer service and satisfaction.

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