The development team at BCS embraces the latest technology when developing products for distribution. Before any project is undertaken by the team, an extensive evaluation is made or the technology requirements of the project in order to produce the highest quality results. The following development tools and standards are currently implemented:
Delphi 5 was selected because it is one of the highest productivity development solutions for Internet and distributed computing. Utilizing of the most stable development tools produces solid products for our customers.

As a development organization we look to solve the database challenges of a multitude of industries, Microsoft SQL Server is the Microsoft Windows NT® leader. SQL Server 7.0 supplies scalable business solutions through powerful knowledge management, sophisticated data warehousing, scalable mobile computing, elegant commerce sites, and enterprise integration with Microsoft Office 2000.

JBuilder 3 provides comprehensive support for the Java™ 2 platform and allows BCS developers to more easily create platform-independent business and database applications, distributed enterprise applications, and JavaBean components.

As corporations merge away from the traditional brick-and-mortor way of doing business and engage in e-Commerce and e-Business, BCS has incorporated the XML standards agreed upon at the World Wide Web Consortium in both their Windows and web enabled products. BCS will stay in the front line when it comes to web commerce.
Delphi and JBuilder are registerd trademarks of the Borland/Inprise Corporation
SQL Server and Windows are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation

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